“What is an Escape Room?”

An Escape Room is an activity for groups (friends, colleagues, or family). As a team you have 60 minutes to unravel the mystery of the room by completing puzzles based on logic, teamwork, and your senses.


“Who can play your Escape Rooms?”

Everyone older than 14* y/o is welcome to compete in one of our rooms! We advise that all contestants have (some) basic knowledge of the English language, since the puzzles are in English. However, players so not need any trivial knowledge and that makes the games ​accessible and fun for all ages.
What is not allowed, is the use of physical force in any form.
Furthermore, we would like to ask all contestants with a physical handicap to contact us before making a booking, to ensure accessibility to our location.

“I want to make a booking for more than 6 persons. How do I do this?”

Our room 'Missing!' is set-up for groups between 2-6 persons, but it it possible to make a booking for bigger groups.Our newest escape game 'The Battle Room' is available for groups between 4-14 persons. This means that we have a capacity for groups up to 20 persons per hour! 

Simply click on the 'Battle Room' and/or 'Missing' in our booking system to make a reservation.


“I made a booking through the web-page, but I didn't get a confirmation e-mail yet. What should I do?”

Depending on  the security settings of your mail server and your inbox Spam-settings, it could happen that our confirmation e-mail didn't make it to your inbox. If you are sure that this is not the case and if the payment was successful, then we advice you to send us an e-mail with your details so we can confirm the booking manually.


“I want to reschedule/cancel my booking. How do I do this?”

You can reschedule/cancel bookings at the cost of € 20,- until 48 hours before the reserved time-slot. This can be done by either calling or mailing us. We will then look with you for an alternative date and/or time, or give you a full refund (minus the mentioned cancellation fee).
If you contact us for a rescheduling or cancellation within 48 hours before the planned activity, then we will charge you half of the paid amount.


“Can we come by with a person more or less without contacting you about this?”

If the size of the team stays within the limit of 2-6 persons, then it won't matter for the booking if you want to come by with more or less friends/colleagues/family members. We would appreciate it if you inform us about this before hand, since we will keep the group size in the back of our heads during the introduction we have planned for you.

Did you make a booking for two rooms (which will be played at the same time) and is the size of the group now 6 persons or less?
Then we can offer you two options: (1) you will play two rooms at the same time with smaller teams. In this scenario nothing will change in your booking; or (2) you will play one room and get a refund for the room that you will not use. Please note that if this change isn't communicated with us within 48 hours before the start of the Game, then we will be forced to charge you half of the amount you paid for the room which is cancelled.


“What happens if I show up too late?”

We ask every group to come by at least 15 minutes before the start of the activity, because we will have prepared a small introduction (the length is dependent on your familiarity with the concept). However, we understand that it can happen that you arrive later than the reserved time.
If the team arrives later than 15 minutes before the intended start of the activity, then we will be forced to stop the game before the usual 60 minutes because of other bookings later that day.
Because of the inconvenience involved in such a scenario, our advice is to be here with us at least 15 minutes in advance.

“I want to make a booking for a day that is not available in the calendar. Are you closed that day?”

Our usual opening-days are from Wednesday to Sunday. However, it can also be the case that we are fully booked, which means that none of the time-slots are available anymore for that day.
If you really want to come by at a time or date that we are listed as 'unavailable' in our booking calendar, then we want to suggest to write us an e-mail, so we can look if we can make an exception for you and your team(s)!

“How can I receive an Escape This Room gift-voucher?”

An Escape Room experience is an excellent present for friends, colleagues, or family members! If you send us an e-mail with your details and your wish to receive a beautiful gift-voucher, then we will send you a digital copy of your unique code, which you can give to anyone you like. This unique code will be valid for 6 months after the date of your purchase. Don't forget to tell us the expected size of the group, since we might have to book two rooms depending on the group size.

* Contestants of 14 years or younger are required to be accompanied by at least one adult, who will act as his/her guardian.